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Meet Your Athletico Athletic Trainer, Kim Jenckes

Kim Jenckes, ATC, CKTP returns for her 13th year as the athletic trainer for ICE and Athletico Physical Therapy.  Kim holds a degree in Athletic Training from Northern Illinois University where she graduated in 2003 with a degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Athletic Training.  Kim also holds another certification as a certified Kinesio Taping practitioner.  Kim has a wealth of experience working with the orthopedic groups in the western suburbs and is an assistant to Dr. Holly Benjamin with the University of Chicago in Naperville.   With experience in high school athletics, Division 1 intercollegiate athletics, and the Olympic Development Soccer Program, Kim brings a wealth of athletic training experience to the ICE program.  Kim is available throughout the year to assist your son or daughter with their injury and recovery programs.  She can also assist in finding a reputable physician should there be a need as she works very closely with many of the orthopedic physicians in the Naperville/Aurora areas.

Hours at ICE: Monday-Thursday from 5:00pm-9:15pm or until the end of all practices.

Contact information:

Kim’s Injury Policy and Procedures

  • Upon joining the gym or at the beginning of the season, it is very important that I receive a completed ICE/Athletico Release of Liability Form with emergency contacts filled out in entirety for EACH ATHLETE. This form also flags any medical history I may need to be made aware of at the beginning of the season. Once complete, please give to me directly.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
  • Please encourage your athlete to see me for any physical aches or pains they are having prior to leaving the gym for the night. Many times, I can save you a trip to the doctor.
  • I will always call home for more significant injuries requiring sitting out of practice or further medical attention.
  • If your athlete is seen by a physician and have a prescription to keep them out of practice/competition or needs physical or occupational therapy, please have the MD provide 2 copies of notes, one for the coach and one for myself.  In the event that I am not at the gym, please leave all notes on my desk and I will get them upon my return.  If it is a significant injury that required the athlete to see a physician and be out of practice/competition for any length of time, a note from the physician is REQUIRED stating clearance to return before I can release them back into practice.  NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • If your child has asthma, we ask that you provide me with an additional inhaler to keep at the gym with the name of the athlete on it and place it in the white box on my desk for use only by the named person.

If you child has a contagious illness such as the flu or pink eye, please do not send them to the gym.  They are in close contact with each other and the spread of these illnesses is very likely.  In the case of pink eye, they need to be on antibiotics for 24 hours in order to be considered not contagious.  Please be mindful of fellow healthy athletes and use your best judgment on whether to send your athlete to practice under these circumstances.

ICE Concussion Policy 

Concussion RTP Protocol


Remaining healthy is the key to successfully completing a routine. As the Official Provider of Physical Therapy and Athletic Training for ICE All-Stars Aurora, we’re happy to provide the following tips to keep you off the sidelines.

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It’s important to warm up those muscles, but why not make your warm-up fun?!  Check out this routine as an example of how you can incorporate a full body warm-up all within one song!


kim-athletico.jpgYou do not have to wait until Kim comes into the gym to be evaluated.  If you are experiencing aches or pains, or something simply does not feel right, we’d be happy to see you for a complimentary injury screening at any of our facilities.  To request your screening online at a convenient location near you, click here.  Please let our office staff know that you are with ICE.